The Citadel

by Heir to Madness

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Heir to Madness is Jason Wiscarson's solo project. It's a dark and brooding melodic whirlwind. Commanding, yet sophisticated drums augment ethereal and sometimes scathing guitars. Clean and other-worldly vocals top it off for an unusual counterpoint of haunting beauty and unforgiving aural assaults.


released September 1, 2008

Copyright Jason L Wiscarson


all rights reserved



Heir to Madness Texas

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Track Name: Citadel of Self
Refuge in a plastic bottle, or on TV
Or in one tiny pill that soothes and sets you so free
But look here you found just what we led you to
We’re so proud, you’ve not a clue

Which you to show who, you’d like to be through
The real you is so subdued within this inner feud
To be the few and far between, who can seem
To clean their hands of this evil machine

The gears turn endlessly; just swallow your penance please
The seeds of our vanity sprout fleas of black disease
The seas wake of your stake in your face
Is laced with the last trace of our dying race

The hating, the faking, the lying, the taking
The hiding, the tithing, the fighting, denying

Pseudo concerns and phantom choices
We’re all held captive by these vacant voices
That draw you to fit, inside of this cage of chains
Where you remain to reign

Over all the lies that make your ties to all the cries inside
Besides you can’t leave the pain behind
You’ll find that all your kind is ever so blind
You and them can only pretend

To marshal the strength within to mend this coming end
Or begin to see the grin on the lips of this apocalypse
Or come to grips with this horror
Guess its snore, or war, or learn…

The feeding, the breeding, the needing is seething
The longing, the bombing, the taste for belonging
Track Name: Bliss

Be that as it may, I'm lost in endless replay
Memories charred and burned, never to return
An eternal static of lies, a child-like lullaby
Encased in one single frame, to forever remain unchanged

Blissful psychosis, take your throne eminence

They tried and they failed, the Lethe's waters run deep
They're terrified, to bear witness to such heresy

The Gardens of Babylon lie asleep inside your head
What could easily be, lies so cold and dead
Aimlessly treading some path, nothing new is forecast
A one-way street to your grave,
Soon there'll be nothing left to save
Track Name: Wondrous Wrath
Wondrous Wrath

Watch your tone, son
And don’t provoke the mighty ones
Their swords blaze
And cut the night, or your face
We lay at their feet
And pray we don’t make a sound
Lest we may, incur their
Wondrous wrath, their terrible wrath

But if you can, just look away
Or if you can, just run afraid

Walking so swift
He deftly braves the bitter cold
But steps will soon falter
Under the weight of days
With eyes over shoulder
Hand over fist
They’re ending his distinctiveness

No discrimination
In the fire they lay
Run for cover
And cry yourself to sleep
The giant stalks
And preys on the weak
Too sick to defend
Your walls cave in,
Your pitiful walls
No one can save you now

Walking so swift
He deftly braves the bitter cold
But steps will soon falter
Under the weight of days
With eyes over shoulder
Hand over fist
They’re ending his distinctiveness
Track Name: Manhole

You betray, you lead with fear, you enslave
Next stop the grave, here's a shovel
Now dig yourself a hole

My arms are tired from trying to shake you awake

You don't want to hear this from me
So hurry shield your ears and don’t speak
This heretic is now descending
Upon waters once clear and calming
To wash away an endless maze,
a crying face, and listless days

We've broke this ground a thousand times
These stones of chance without substance
Who'd like to see this well run dry?
Water to cleanse this deathless lie

Forget all you know, throw it all away
Sleep now and wait for death
pray it comes swiftly
Track Name: Arbiter of Somnolence
Arbiter of Somnolence

Lost and searching
The plateau a stones throw
No footprints to follow
Your calls ring hollow

Adrift in an ocean of loathing
With no rudder to steer your way
And no anchor for purchase
No one to stand beside
No one to hide behind

Apparently I can lead you to water
But I can’t make you think
Eyes sealed and don’t blink
For the talons in your back
And the hands at your throat
God forbid you to act
This house of cards is stacked

You wage a war
That can’t be won
Almost too far to be undone
Easy for anyone to see

It’s your own ideas
That keep you sick and weak
And jailed without question
Get a clue, your God is killing you
Track Name: Last Line of Defense
Last Line of Defense

As winter lays claim
Grim remains, lost and insane
Would you pardon the souls?
Left forsaken and all alone
Would your river run dry?
With a dagger laid at your side

It’s almost serene
God this can’t be happening
Water now at our heels
And cool mist on our face
Now there’s nowhere
Left to run
There’s no escape
No way to retaliate

We held our breath
But still choked and eyes burn
Lost in white
And no one in sight
Would you lessen your hold
And lose touch with
those grasping souls
Would your beaches lend faith
Or your waves carry us away
Track Name: Siamese Suicide
Siamese Suicide

I watched you crumble
And I watched you die
Falling slowly to your knees
I destroyed everything
You are in me

I watched you wither
And I smelled your decay
A special blade
To help you
On your way
And a flame burn
You away

Just one more
Broken chain
Cut wrists and
Red blood stains
I take one step
And leave your pain
A fitting end to your
Tortured reign
Track Name: To the Fairest